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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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The Italian Job

The Italian Job

Our World | On 07, Mar 2013

Much has been, and will be, written about Italy. From passion, flair, emotion, food, wine, elegance and beauty to mafia and corruption there has always been something charismatic and loveable about the people and the country. Politically however they are, shall we say, somewhat indecisive!

Perhaps having spent 500 years ruling Europe, the Middle East and North Africa was too much. Perhaps spending a millennium as independent city states has left a legacy. Maybe simply changing sides 3 times in WW2 did something to their psyche. Whatever the reason, God love them, they really don’t seem to take politics seriously now.

They have basically put the fate of the country in the hands of Jasper Carrot, Jeffery Archer and Rupert Murdoch. No offense intended Mr Carrot.

Having the last laugh

Are they bothered? Not at all! They still make Ferraris and Lamborghinis, drink Barolo and Chianti, make the best pasta in the world and of course live in those depressingly dull places. You know the ones I mean, the ones consistently voted the top of most people’s must visit lists, like Milan, Rome and Florence. Oh, and don’t forget that watery place in the Adriatic with all the gondolas. True hardship!

With all that on your doorstep why would you bother about politics?

Maybe we should learn from the Italians and put a bunch of comedians in charge of the UK economy? Oh, hang on… didn’t we replace that famous vaudeville comedy duo Blair & Brown with the latest product of the Westminster House of Comedies…Cameron & Osborne!

Next week: The EU… where do I start?

Nigel Cooper