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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 20, 2017

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The Mayans Were Right

The Mayans Were Right
Our World

2012 was the year the Mayans said the world would end and now I know why – they looked at the 2013 events calendar!

Need to read that one again? Think I’ve lost it? Read on.

Did you notice that during the Olympics there was still a 30 minute 10pm news bulletin but over half was dedicated to the Olympics? Funny that they didn’t need to extend the news with all that was going on, they just relegated the uninteresting and depressing stuff. Of course now the Olympics are over we will be back to filling a 30 minute broadcast with any old depressing tripe because that’s how long the news has been scheduled to take. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the news bulletins were timed to last as long as the interesting and relevant news rather than dredging up “crap” to fill the time?

Now if you can just look at the summer of 2012 and imagine 3 months of news headlines full of depressing economic, social and political doom without Aguero scoring in the last minute, Drogba winning the Champs League, a 4 day Jubilee weekend, 3 weeks of the football Euros, 17 days of Olympics, 2 weeks of Paralympics, plus the usual cricket, Wimbledon and Open golf stories and still the Ryder Cup to come. Literally hundreds if not thousands of hours of news about something other than the Euro or the markets or some scandal somewhere.

When the Mayans said the world would end in 2012 it was only because they had looked at the 2013 event calendar! No Euros, no Jubilee, no Olympics, no Paralympics, no Ryder Cup and of course no end in sight to the full array of depressing economic headlines.

Clever chaps those Mayans.

Nigel Cooper