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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 20, 2017

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The Name’s Bond…

The Name’s Bond…

Our World | On 07, Nov 2012

As a self confessed Bond fan the new film, Skyfall lived up to my expectations as everything you expect from the franchise. Fast cars, action packed scenes, glamorous women, the gorgeous Daniel Craig (be still my beating heart!) and far flung destinations. Surely, not a million miles from our own exciting world of travel and events?

OK, I can dream can’t I? I know you’ll never see Mr B tapping his foot waiting for his bags to come off the airport carrousel or left standing at reception because his room isn’t ready yet. It’s always “Of course Mr Bond, your suite is right this way”. In other words nothing like the realities of our line of work at all.

Spy themed sales incentives are a perennial favourite with clients. I know we may all think it’s a bit clichéd and done to death but you’d be surprised how often we are asked for a Bond themed event. After all it has everything you want from an incentive; glamour, travel and a glimpse into a more luxurious world. Who doesn’t love, or need, a bit of escapism?

For those of you who haven’t yet seen Skyfall (you should, it’s brilliant!) a lot of the action is set in London. And as it turns out that there are lots of ways you can enjoy a bit of Bond in your life in our capital. London offers so many great options to put together an exciting event, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to iconic locations and fast paced activities but here are a few to try.

Shaken not stirred

How about cocktails at the bar at Dukes Hotel. Reputed to be a favourite haunt of author Ian Fleming, legend has it this is where the classic line “shaken not stirred” was born. They have even invented a new Martini “the Fleming 89”, to celebrate their link with the author.

Double 0O2

Recreate the adventure of scaling the outside of the O2 as seen in “The World is Not Enough”. P&MM Account Director Anna Knowles, recently tried this “Up At The O2” adventure for herself, so why not take a look at her experience.

High speed

Why not enjoy the thrill of the chase and take in some fantastic London landmarks with a high speed race along the Thames in a Rigid Inflatable Boats? The RIB’s will race you out towards the Thames Barrier at up to 50 knots with the Bond theme tune blasting out for an added (cheesy?) touch of fun.

Depending on your budget you can go as Bond crazy as you want, from a ride in an Aston Martin or a trip to Savile Row to ensure you’re as elegant in a dinner jacket as James always is. We have luxurious hotels a plenty; for something a bit different why not try the Hotel Verta, right next to the London heliport and throw in a helicopter flip over the great city itself? It wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory glass or two of Champagne (Bollinger, of course) and a trip to a casino to try your luck to be in 007 heaven!

Until January you can even take in the V&A’s Hollywood Exhibition to check out costumes from the movies. Now if they have Daniel’s lovely little blue swimming shorts from Casino Royale, I might just pop along…

Sandra Collins, Events Team