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The Savoy: London

The Savoy: London

Our World | On 12, Nov 2010

Where in the world will you find a place that has effortlessly combined classic Art Deco design with luxury Edwardian comfort? A place that has been refurbished to such a high standard that you are somehow strangely unaware of its newness… It is, as it always has been, but with 21st Century comfort and modern fixtures and fittings. A place that has rediscovered so much of its history, that it has employed its own archivist. A place of such splendour and comfort that it was once (and will be again) considered ‘THE’ address in London for the great and the good of the world.

London is the first clue, famous people was the second… Of course, the place of which I speak is the all ‘new’ Savoy Hotel.

The people that work there speak of the ‘new’ Savoy as a marvellous restoration, rather than a stunning refurbishment.  They have a point.

The ‘restoration’, which cost hundreds of millions is one of the most expensive in London’s hotel history.  They have uncovered priceless pieces, some of historical value, rather than of monetary worth.  The new dome adorning the lobby is exquisite, the registration cards of Channel, Munroe et al, simply adds to the heritage of the place.

Seemingly unchanged old favourites such as the American Bar jostle with sexy newcomers, like the Beaufort Bar (the largest selection of Champagne by the glass in London) for custom; Ramsay has his newest addition there.  There are river views, classic city views and everything in between.  There should also be a shout out for the ample public space, which now feels more like a comfortable home from home (certainly one to dream of anyway!), than standard hotel offerings.

When you see the word ‘standard’, think Savoy standard, which is anything but…  The lead-in category room has Princess and the Pea type beds, luxurious bedding, wonderful tiled bathrooms and sumptuous towels and amenities; whether you wish to ‘reside’ in the Edwardian or the Art Deco styled rooms, you will very likely enjoy the experience enormously. The bigger the room, or the better the view, the more expensive they come, with a night in the 8 room Presidential Suite setting you back about the same price as a family car!  Really though, the rooms and the high-end equipment are rather wonderful.

Back to the public spaces – the hotel is a rabbit warren, full of genuinely beautiful rooms for use as private dining venues, cocktail parties or huge gala events.  The sheer scope and variety of rooms is very welcome indeed.  One thing I can say is that no ‘function’ room that I saw, was A-typical; much thought has been taken on the little (and large) touches, which were evident everywhere you look.  Decor that really should not work (such as faux leopard skin carpets in one dining venue), to glitter columns in the museum, or the Burlington Arcade inspired tea shops, actually work extraordinarily well, probably only something the Savoy could pull off.

As you can tell, I really like the place; its glam’ without being ‘too cool for school’, it is luxurious, without being stuffy and it really should become the place to hang out whenever you are feeling a little bit flush!

I hope you enjoy it – the Savoy is most certainly back!

Chris Clarke