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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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The value of a great venue!

The value of a great venue!

Our World | On 03, Dec 2009

Recently I attended the annual Motivcom Sales and Marketing Conference. Now these events, tend to always have a very strict business structure, with what feels like no end of meetings and presentations, however the venue and location made the experience something special and not in the slightest bit tedious.

The Fairmont Le Montreux Palace was a spectacular location; with plenty of meeting space (Le Petit Palais Conference Centre includes six meeting and banquet rooms). All of the 235 guestrooms were both elegant and luxurious and with such breathtaking surroundings how can you not feel inspired?

The audience for this meeting was a well travelled set of individuals from within the industry, and as such the hotel and its spectacular surrounds were something that I thought would have been taken for granted… how wrong, could I have been! Not one person came away from the event without mentioning the supurb venue.

Now I’m sure you’re all thinking that I am just stating the obvious and that of course a little bit of sun will make anyone from the UK smile! However, take a moment and think of all the conferences, exhibitions and meetings you have attended in the past. I’ll bet the majority of those you remember were set in beautiful surroundings or were held in a unique venue that completely took you by surprise. These will no doubt also be the meetings that you have taken the most away from.  Sometimes the little things that we all take for granted are actually the ones that have the largest impact.This reaffirmed my faith in the importance of a good venue that suits your audience and that it can make a significant difference to the success of a meeting. It was evident that with such picturesque scenery out of every window, the mood of the group was lifted and gave the attendees an added focus and drive. You feel more upbeat and willing when you are surrounded by inspiring scenery.