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Top Travel Tips!

Top Travel Tips!

Our World | On 17, Oct 2013

For many people travelling abroad is fraught with packing dilemmas, currency conundrums and regulation frustration as they probably only drag their suitcases out a couple of times a year. However, for many in our business hotels are a second home, which makes them the perfect people to turn to for tricks of the trade when it comes to travelling.

I’ve asked the events team for their top tips which hopefully may help you next time you are embarking on a trip.

  • Always put your contact details (both at destination and home) INSIDE your suitcase in case it gets lost or the tag comes off.
  • Carry a change of clothes in your hand luggage. If you get delayed or your bag misses the flight you’ll have fresh clothes for the next day.
  • Keep a ‘local currency’ stash at home so you have change for trolleys / taxis / tips next time you travel.
  • If you travel a lot, a list of ‘don’t forgets’ in your suitcase takes the guesswork out of packing (mobile chargers, adapters, toothbrush, passport etc).
  • Set your watch to local time as soon as you board and avoid playing the “Oh my goodness, it’s 4am at home” game.
  • Always take a power strip so you only need 1 adaptor and can charge multiple things at a time.
  • If you always take more clothes than you need (girls!), there isn’t a need to wash all your clothes when you return home if they haven’t been worn. Take two bags (laundry or plastic), whilst away fill up one with your dirty laundry and keep the other for clothes you haven’t worn. It also makes tipping the dirty laundry into the washing machine much quicker when you get home.
  • Save anything you are given on higher quality airlines (eye masks / mini toiletries etc.) and re-cycle for less glamorous trips!
  • A miniature pack of wet wipes can have a million uses on board and in the airport.
  • Keep clothes on hangers, take 3 hangers at a time and put a plastic cover over them (the type that you get from the dry cleaner) and roll them up and put in your suitcase. When you get to the other end grab all the hanger ends, pull out of your suitcase and hang straight up in the hotel wardrobe, almost everything will be crinkle free and ready for you to wear. (You can also hang jewellery on the hangers to keep them tangle free).
  • Put rolled up socks in your shoes when packing to keep their shape and wrap in a thin scarf to prevent marks.
  • When travelling long haul with a stopover, ladies, travel make up free, and then visit the airport shops to use the expensive face creams testers to arrive fresh faced and maybe even younger looking!
  • Grab some spare re-sealable plastic bags at the bigger airports and keep them handy at home so you don’t have to buy them at the smaller airports.
  • Buy or keep your empty travel sized bottles then top them up with shampoo, conditioner, etc. for use on your trips. Also instead of using a wash bag for toiletries use cheap Tuppaware type boxes. This prevents any liquids being squashed in transit and if there are any leaks they are contained in a waterproof container.
  • Don’t go short on entertainment when travelling and download programmes to watch when off line. Also you can download magazines and newspapers to your iPad / tablet for long flights. Plus if you have access to free WiFi in a hotel you can catch up on your favourite UK programmes by subscribing to TV First on You Tube (free service) and watch episodes of soaps approximately one hour after they are screened in the UK.
  • A lightweight pashmina or scarf can also serve as an extra layer in a colder destination, a blanket or pillow on a flight or even a head scarf to guard against gale force runway conditions when queuing at the steps.
  • Contact your bank before you go; nothing more frustrating than trying to pay for something or using an ATM to find your card issuer has stopped the card because you are overseas (also helps avoid fraud).
  • Contact your mobile phone company for best advice on roaming / call plans overseas.
  • Always review your hotel on trip advisor. Not only are you doing the hotel a service, it also acts as an aid memoire as to the places and hotels where you have stayed.

Bon Voyage!

The Events Team