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Turkey: A country of contrasts

Turkey: A country of contrasts

Our World | On 11, Mar 2010

Turkey is a vast country with many contrasts. Where, the strangely familiar fuses with a very exotic world.  This is one of the largest land masses in Europe, so there is a lot of choice available.  There are some incredible places of natural beauty in the country, not always easily accessible, but there to discover nonetheless.

Istanbul is the capital and probably the only city in the world that can claim to be where Europe meets Asia.  It is a mysterious place with achingly cool venues and hotels from which you can sip a beverage whilst watching the sun set, to the almost scary, surreal Grand Bazaar – a shopping ‘Mecca’ for centuries.  The city is vast, straddling the Bosphorus where on one side you have Europe, and the other the mystique of Asia.  It should be mentioned that whilst the city offers culture in abundance, it is very ‘real’ and offers all the fun trappings that one would expect from a capital city.

However, much has been said of Istanbul, yet the country has much, much more to offer… Antalya has opened up to the corporate market again with its direct flights from the UK.  This is a part of Turkey that does not always feature in the brochures or on the corporate proposals, yet it is a place of immense beauty.  The main city of Antalya is ancient and intriguing, yet offers all the trappings of an authentic holiday resort; nearby lies kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches, fringed with pine forests in which lie lovely resort properties.

The last word however must be about the sea that surrounds much of this beautiful and varied country.  As Turkey lies to the East of the Mediterranean, the good summer weather tends to last much longer than the West Mediterranean, thus making those small, exclusive Gullet sailing trip around the secluded coves and islands worthy of consideration for your next event.

Chris Clarke