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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | January 17, 2018

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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Our World | On 12, Sep 2013

It’s been really busy over the past few months here. So much so I thought I would give a brief insight into the varied range of events that we’ve been organising recently.

Let’s start at Wembley Stadium, where we produced a large conference for one of our clients. This involved the usual logistics of large numbers, vast venue, high energy award ceremony, as well as an exhibition and 5 different breakout sessions. Our office was pitch side, overlooking the set up for Robbie’s concert that was following us. Fantastic stage set, although I like to think our set up was equally as impressive! Wembley is a great venue for an event; it just seems to have energy and a presence. The event was great but the high point was achieving a Guinness World Record. Seven hundred people participating in the same challenge, simply amazing!

From Wembley Stadium to organising a themed BBQ. This event always proves to be a challenge, but that’s why I love it so much. Having delivered the event for multiple years, it’s really nice to work with the same individuals. The challenge as always is to constantly impress them with new and exciting ideas. As we know what venue we’ll be using (the client’s offices in London), creativity therefore has to be high as it’s not just about deciding an event identity; it’s also about making it work within an office environment.

This year we went with a circus/fairground theme…I know what you’re thinking, how do you convert an office into a circus/fairground? Well that’s where our creative ideas kick into another gear. We bought in huge circus backdrops, peep-through boards and crazy mirrors. To keep guests entertained, we had various fairground games including some classics such as Hook a Duck and Tin Can Alley. The biggest reaction came from guests watching the magician (think modern magic and Dynamo as opposed to bunny in a hat). Everyone loves a good magician as it creates a sense of wonder and pure amazement.

Away from the event delivery side, office life has been just as varied. Recently I’ve been involved in a number of large proposals that have uncovered some creative entertainment options. Has anyone used human statues? We discovered some fabulous talent that create beautifully choreographed and seamless routines. I can only imagine the impact they would have throughout an evening event. Another thing that excited me was some LED jugglers. They can create stunning visuals through juggling LED clubs in a synchronised performance, involving corporate colours and even the logo to really emphasise a brand. Again, imagine the start of your next conference being a high energy visual display.

Finally, another idea we put forward recently was using a house band on stage, similar to Jonathan Ross. We could use the band to play background music, walk up stings and sound effects. As well as doubling up as part of the evening’s entertainment to help really get the party started! What I love about this idea is the flexibility it offers, as well as being something uniquely different.

Well there’s a snippet into the last couple of months and why I love events so much. Every day brings new challenges, different events, budgets, people and places. However they all have something in common. They all want to create event energy. Whatever the type of event, wherever it is in the world, our challenge is to always create something that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Delivering all types of messages, in many formats but always creating an impact.

Beattie Payne