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Video Mapping: A visual display

Video Mapping: A visual display

Our World | On 05, Sep 2011

Following on from my recent articles about various technological solutions and how they can help the events industry, I bring you my piece on Video Mapping.

Now we all know that however gripping a presentation is, guests eyes can begin to wander, or even worse shut!

Video mapping is an exciting new method of projection. It has the ability to turn any surface into a dynamic display. The old rules still apply, it simply is a new technique that creates more flexibility for your presentation. How does it work? Well, points are plotted on the surface that is intended to be used and then specialised software wraps and masks the surface virtually. This creates a multi-layered textured display giving the surface more depth and potential. Projectors are then used in the traditional way to omit the images/content onto the allotted area.

Now you might have already seen this used if you’re an avid follower of some of the world’s most famous bands/DJ’s. They use video mapping to take laser shows to a different level and create a stage set that has the illusion of vast depth and space. As well as creating a visual display for their adoring crowd.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we turn every conference into a festival or concert however some of the principles are fundamentally the same. At a concert the band wants to create something you will remember well past the time you leave the venue. They want to put on a show and give you a visual display that excites and grips you. Isn’t that what we all try and achieve with an event? Whether a conference or a gala dinner, the initial visual impact will dictate the day’s tone and the guest’s outlook on the entire event. Use this technology to capture attention, but never forget, Content is King.

I’m not saying that this technology needs to be used on every celebratory event, however if you plan to use a top DJ or band it might be a nice little extra that will really help blow your delegates away. The flexibility it brings is far superior to the normal projection options and therefore can make any venue a blank canvas when it comes to your presentation. This has the potential to be used on the side of buildings or at venues that aren’t a conventional shape. From a presentation side of things, it simply means much more is now possible. This then allows the planning process to be a lot more creative and may open up options that would not have been considered.

I am currently working on an event that incorporates video mapping and the proposed options are quite sensational. From a production side, it’s exciting to deal with a relatively new product that you know will instantly have such an impact on an audience.

Frankie Baldwin