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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Video Production: A bit of fun or a powerful tool?

Video Production: A bit of fun or a powerful tool?

Our World | On 19, Oct 2011

It’s been non-stop this week on the video production side, the day after our ‘Ringmaster’ shoot we filmed an exclusive makeover for one of our clients. The purpose of the shoot was to reward the client’s ‘back stage’ admin staff who work behind the sales force but rarely receive recognition for their hard work. We wanted to take them from ‘work’ to ‘WOW’ and give them an indulgent day to remember.

The three winning employees, aka ‘Unsung Heroes’, arrived at Studio 202 in Birmingham at 10am, a little nervous but excited for the day ahead, after a glass of pink champagne they were ready for their ‘before’ shots! Following a consultation with an expert hair and makeup stylist our winner’s transformation started to take form, and our video production team were there to capture the magic.

Our celebrity stylist, and senior fashion editor for ‘Fabulous’ magazine, came equipped with two giant suitcases filled to the brim with dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, sparkling jewellery, and pairs and pairs of gorgeous heels! The downstairs of the studio was transformed into a dressing room with the stylist and assistant ready to hand pick outfits for each winner. After several wardrobe changes, our winners each found three outfits they felt great in – including a stunning 70’s style navy silk cat suit, a floral tea party dress and some of the highest heels I have ever seen!

The winners then each enjoyed two individual photo shoots, with various props – pink roses, an antique parasol and a director’s chair to name a few. Our photographer was fantastic at putting them at ease and making the whole experience enjoyable. The final shoot featured all three winners, set against a backdrop of a traditional tea party, complete with cake stand and tea cups.

At the end of the day each of the winners were given a framed photograph of their best picture. As three working mum’s, they explained how they don’t normally have the time to pamper themselves, and as one participant told us, it was ‘a wonderful day I will always remember and appreciate’. As one last treat, we announced they could keep one of the outfits – their response was incredible, and even the soundman welled up!

We will be editing footage taken from the day into a short film to be shown at the client’s national sales conference in November. This video production will not only share the success of this years’ winners with the rest of the company, but it will also promote our clients’ ‘Unsung Heroes’ employee recognition scheme to all of next year’s participants.

The day was a great example of professionals working together to achieve something special – a big thanks to all involved, we won’t forget it in a hurry.

Beattie Payne