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Vietnam: Much more than just a travel incentive

Vietnam: Much more than just a travel incentive

Our World | On 20, Oct 2011

Vietnam offers everything you might want from a travel incentive destination, trust me on this one, the problem is you’ve never got enough time to see it all!

This country really is diverse. Hanoi, the capital in the north, is a mini Beijing with a strong French thread running through it. It’s quite fascinating culturally, though slightly intimidating, maybe ‘awesome’ is a more apt word. You need to do your research carefully when it comes to hotels and ground programmes as there is so much to do and see, having a plan is the only way to go about tackling it all.

Then in the middle of the country on China Beach, is Danang. Growing at an amazing rate, the blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ constantly slaps you in the face. Sun, relaxation, luxury, PLUS a lot to see in the background is an added value you don’t often find in a resort.

Ho Chi Minh City in the south is where it all starts to become part of the ‘real world’ as we know it (ie much more cosmopolitan). ‘Saigon’ is surely one of the most evocative place names in Asia. Bustling, booming, crowded, noisy – a city that is almost indescribable and completely unforgettable. A must visit for any travel enthusiast.

We recently put together a 5 day conference for worldwide senior managers. Extremely well-travelled in their own right, their response to the facilities and service given by the Park Hyatt Saigon in particular was remarked upon, in writing, by every one of the 60 or so delegates.

The choice of first class restaurants for extensive dining around is fabulous. The City treasure hunt conducted on personal Lambrettas, was a stimulating experience and nothing short of ‘wow’. We hosted a Gala dinner at the Presidential Palace of Reunification where delegates were transported by the local ‘cyclo’ – the route being illuminated by local children holding multi coloured bamboo lanterns.

The markets, the shops, the nightlife, the smell, the pace, the flavour – even if you’re only in your twenties, you have to admire the resilience and warmth of the Vietnamese people, in spite of their war-scarred history. Vietnam is everything you want to discover in a Far East travel incentive and much more. However well you plan your visit, I guarantee that something will surprise, delight or thrill you. Yet it still holds a certain magic and innocence, sadly lost from so many of the other tourist spots in that part of the world.

Susan Sexton, Events Team