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Voting Handsets – But Not As We Know It

Voting Handsets – But Not As We Know It

Our World | On 19, Sep 2012

Voting handsets have been on the market for several years now and are frequently used to add an interactive element to a conference or meeting. They work well to engage an audience, facilitate Q&A sessions and capture event feedback. However the cost can be high for something that is only used for a short part of the day which can make it prohibitive when budgets are being squeezed. P&MM Live is always looking for new technology and innovations and we have found a simple solution that is cutting edge yet much more cost effective than the standard handset.

Your mobile phone.

On the assumption that everyone in the audience will have a mobile telephone we can provide a dedicated mobile phone number for delegates to text questions, answers, feedback or any other data you wish to capture.

Messages are then sent to a secure website which will stream messages almost instantly. They can appear on screen for the audience to see and also accessed on an iPad for the presenter to read from. We can supply iPad’s for you but if you have your own that’s great. We’ll give you the address, log in details, mobile phone number and away you go. You don’t even need a smart phone to take part. If you can text, you’re in.

Texts are the same price as a standard message therefore will not cost the delegate in addition to their contracted text bundles. Pay as you go users will be charged at their standard network rate.

There are facilities built into the system to allow a facilitator to add, amend or delete any messages that have been sent in. They also have the ability to highlight messages on the presenter’s iPad to draw their attention to a particular message. Another great feature is that a presenter can be sent a priority message that takes over the whole iPad until they acknowledge it. A particularly useful tool for when sessions are overrunning or when you need to get vital information to the presenter live on stage. Simple, slick and effective.

We think this is a cost effective solution for bringing an interactive element to events and conferences. If you’d like to know more about how it could work for you then get in touch with us at P&MM Live.

Claire Cutlack