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What does Portugal have to offer?

What does Portugal have to offer?

Our World | On 20, Oct 2009

Let’s be honest, we are all fed up of the doom and gloom that the media continually portray. We all know that the events industry will pick up eventually and the reality is all agencies are gearing up for when corporate clients want to start travelling again.

We all know that one day the good times will return, but we must not be delusional and believe that clients will automatically return to long haul travel. Some clients are going to need warming up to the idea. That’s where Europe can play a huge part. Locations in France, Portugal and Germany can all meet your client’s demands without breaking their budget.

Portugal for example, offers a great range of hotels from the large chains to quaint and luxurious hotels that are ideal for exclusive retreats. Whether you desire the grandeur of the Penha Longa in Sintra or the luxury of a boutique hotel such as Quinta da Casa Branca in Madeira. Portugal is an option definitely worth considering. With budgets just starting to be loosened, Portugal also ticks the box of being value for money and clients are often pleasantly surprised to find their budget can stretch a long way. Portugal as a whole can offer either action packed or tranquil breaks and has some of the most stunning sights within Europe.

Personally, I like Lisbon and what it has to offer. However, Porto is rapidly emerging as an up and coming destination within Portugal. The city has stunning architecture, influenced heavily by the baroque style. The Sheraton Porto Hotel is arguably the best hotel in the city and is situated within walking distance of all the major shops. With a fantastic spa too, it can cover all your needs for a amazing event. Portugal in general can offer a fast paced and action packed programme or simply the flexibility to just unwind and relax.

So don’t disregard Europe. It has a lot to offer for your next event.

Paul Lake