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What’s your number?

What’s your number?

Our World | On 01, Dec 2011

With the world’s population passing the 7 Billion mark and no sign of that number slowing, it’s always good to know where you fit in the equation. I spotted this the other day and thought you all might be interested to find out your own number.

Find out what your number is by following the link –

There are different pages with a variety of features from country populations to the number of people born per second. All interesting stats and well worth a little look. All you need to do is input your date of birth on the first page and then be prepared to be surprised by some of the facts that will appear in front of you. I was the 3.2 billionth person alive when I was born, so the world’s population has more than doubled in my life time!

So what’s your number? It opened my eyes to the rate at which the population is growing and I couldn’t help but think about areas of growth for international business in the future. Should the events industry pay more attention to these statistics and should we use them to influence our planning process and objectives in the future? Where should hotels be investing their money and where might potential future markets sprout up? Where will DMC’s need to invest their time and effort to explore and understand this time next year…or in a decade’s time? I took a few guesses in my ‘Incentive Travel in 2045’ article.

These stats are interesting, but will they really influence potential future markets? Truth is that destinations and events are influenced by current affairs and as we have all found out recently with the unrest in the Middle East, situations can change quite rapidly. Our industry needs to constantly evolve and adapt to any crisis/trend that comes our way.

Nigel Cooper