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When Spin With Berlin Rode Into Town!

When Spin With Berlin Rode Into Town!

Our World | On 14, Jun 2013

Like most agencies in our industry we are inundated with requests from airlines, hotels, venues, DMCs etc to come in to tout their wares on a regular basis. Some days you feel as if it could become a full time job just seeing suppliers! Most take the exact same format, presentation, chat, brochures, which was why when the Visit Berlin team rode into the car park here at P&MM, it caught our attention.

You only have to follow their Twitter feed to see we weren’t the only ones to appreciate the change of pace the Spin Berlin team brought to a grey day in June.

Taking to the road

So what was it all about? The Berlin Convention Office of visitBerlin and partners decided to hop on their bikes and spend 4 days cycling from city to city to promote their fair destination to various agency types here in Blighty. Accompanied by the Manchester United team bus dressed in Berlin livery, the team promoted what their city had to offer to the MICE industry. Goodie bags were distributed and the bus provided an informal setting to chat about Berlin with our Lycra clad (slightly disconcerting!) hosts.

This cycling roadshow also had another purpose and that was to raise funds for Meeting Industry Meeting Needs, our industry charity and a Berlin based charity Hand-in-Hand. So if you get a chance, follow the link and donate a few pounds to a good cause.

Cycling Madness

The intrepid Spin Berlin crew were cycling 100 miles a day for the four days of their roadshow calling on a whole host of businesses along the way. It might explain why none of them were keen to sit down and chat on their arrival but were far happier standing in our car park! As I said having a whole team roll up to your premises was certainly an attention getter and a long way away from the usual blur of presentations we normally see.

So good luck to the team, we hope by now you are now resting your aching muscles after your mammoth undertaking and have raised some funds in the process. Thanks for rolling by!

Sandra Collins